Cask & Grain makes the switch to Future POS

Originally published in DBS’s In Session Newsletter – March 2017. DBS is a Future POS Certified Reseller.

The relationship with Portside Tavern and Steve Roop goes back to 2004. When Steve decided to expand his business last year in the Canton section of Baltimore with his Cask & Grain location, he had some decisions to make when it came to his current point of sale system, Digital Dining.

Exterior Cask

In fact, Steve’s staff asked him if there was any new POS technology to switch to that was more current and stable. “We’ve been a client for nearly 20 years and just made the switch from Digital Dining to FuturePOS and we are excited about transitioning from old to new technology and we are very eager to see where the journey takes us,” Steve said about his transition to FuturePOS. 


The reliability of FuturePOS does the job day in and day out. The staff took the transition very well which is also supported by the minimal number of support calls since going live in December 2016.