Heidi Nicholls and Future POS Join Forces in Corporate Wellness Program

For the second year in a row, local trainer, Heidi Nicholls, and Future POS have joined forces in a Corporate Wellness program. The program offers employees the opportunity to work out with Heidi in the company’s downstairs gym facility during their workday. As part of the Corporate Wellness program, employees receive an initial assessment and evaluation, 6 weeks of training and nutrition advice, and a final assessment to determine if their initial fitness goals have been met. The program takes a whole body approach, with focus on not just exercise, but nutritious diet choices, as well. Last year the program had over a 90% participation rate among company members and this year’s program has been equally successful.

Started in 2013, the program was initiated by company owners, John and Kelly Giles, who approached Nicholls to begin building a program suited for their company’s growing staff and fitness needs. Heidi remembers initially developing the program with the Giles,

John and Kelly Giles at Future POS approached me and asked me to develop a program that would help employees to utilize the company gym they had built at the company headquarters.
Because health and fitness are a priority to the Giles, they felt it was important to impart that importance into the company culture. The employees at Future POS are incredibly lucky to have a state of the art gym and shower facilities right in the workplace!

The program has further developed over time, to suit the changing needs of the growing company, but the basis for the program is still evident – get employees to increase their activity level and lead healthier lifestyles.

Heidi’s program is built around hard facts about the American work force.

Preventable illness makes up 70% of all health care claims. Many of these claims are linked to health habits, such as regular exercise and a healthy diet. The challenge we face, is that most of our workforce is now sedentary and the body was designed to MOVE! As a Personal trainer, I typically work with clients who seek me out to improve their fitness levels. This means they are ready to take action in order to improve their health. This may not always be the case when embarking upon a Corporate wellness initiative, where a program suddenly “appears.” The challenge is often getting employees in the door and getting them hooked on what they find inside.

But the employees at Future POS have embraced the program with open arms.

Teresa Glasgow, Technical Writing Specialist, has worked out with Heidi during both the 2013 and 2014 wellness programs and is impressed to find a company that offers something like this in a small town like Butler, “When I graduated from college with both Dance and Writing degrees, it was really important to me to remain physically fit, because dance was still such an integral part of my life. Finding a company that not only had an on-site gym, but access to a personal trainer, who is so fantastic at what she does, made the decision to work for Future POS an easy one. Every time I work out with Heidi, I’m reminded of how lucky I am to have access to something like this.”

The on-site gym facilities at Future POS, Inc
The on-site gym facility at Future POS, Inc

Thanks to the dedication of both the employees and Heidi, the Corporate Wellness program has had great success stories. The group lost an average of just over 5.7 pounds per person in the 8 weeks during the 2013 program, with an average 5.2% reduction in body fat per person! Human Resources Manager, Sarah Wick, has had the opportunity to work out with Heidi during both wellness programs.

Heidi is a really great instructor, keeping everyone motivated and cheering them on. She takes the time to personalize individual workouts, focusing on what people need, and also want for themselves. I personally feel like she’s my personal cheerleader, and have lost a total of 47 pounds with her program.

You can read more about the Corporate Wellness program on Heidi’s website and find out more about her fitness programs and training services.

Heidi Nicholls

Heidi is currently an N.E.T.A Certified Personal Trainer, Certified Group Exercise Instructor, and Certified TRX Trainer with additional advanced certifications in High Intensity Interval Training, Bootcamp Instruction, and Small Group Training. Formerly a nationally ranked junior and Division I collegiate tennis player at the University of Illinois Urbana/Champaign, Heidi has devoted her life to fitness. To learn more about working out with Heidi, visit her website.


Written by Teresa Glasgow, Technical Writing Specialist, Future POS, Inc.