Women in technology: Butler’s Future POS gains ground

Emily at the Future POS front desk

April 27, 2017

BUTLER, Pa. – For months, Saxonburg resident Gloria Winters was in demand.

Many companies wanted the veteran sales manager after she left the assistant vice presidency of a local bank, where she helped grow assets by more than $30 million.

Winters declined a few Madison Avenue type overtures and joined Future POS of Pennsylvania as Dealer Manager. Future POS of Pennsylvania is a reseller of the award-winning Future POS Software. The Butler, Pa., company designs point-of-sale software for the hospitality industry, with more than 18,000 customers worldwide.

Winters said the firm appealed to her can-do work ethic, and she knew Future POS is committed to empowering women in technology.

“You hear people say, we’re the ‘Google of Butler,’” Winters said. “To be a giant, you have to have the right people. I have vision and a strategy for us to be number one. Future is such a great company to be a part of, it’s inspiring. We have the right people on our team. We are well positioned to be at the top.”

The conversation about the role of women in science and technology employment has become more heightened nationally due to workplace disparities, curriculum changes at universities and the Hollywood movie “Hidden Figures.” The film tells the story of unrecognized American-American women mathematicians working at NASA in the 1960s.

Nationally, women continue to lag behind men in computing employment. According to the National Center for Women in Technology, women held 26 percent of professional computing jobs in 2016, even though they occupied 56 percent of America’s professional jobs.

At Future POS, women serve as Vice President, Sales Executive, Accounting Administrator, Executive Assistant, Human Resources/Accounting Manager, Support Manager, Technical Support Specialist and Personal Trainer. Winters said their presence diversifies the company, although she strives to “lead by example,” not the gender card, in advocating for equal opportunity.

“Everyone should be paid fairly based on their performance. It’s that simple,” Winters said. “I have always taken and continue to take advantage of learning opportunities. Most of my mindset has been self-study and hard work – real-life experience. It’s invaluable.”

Winters said managers should mentor and teach. “Empower your people, invest in them and they will invest in the growth of your organization,” she said.

“For me, it’s always been that I am a realistic and fair leader. I am nice but firm,” she added. “I give and receive respect and create a positive atmosphere. I am an open and honest coach. We might have to have a difficult conversation, but my people know where they stand with me and know what they need to do for their career growth.”

Gender equality begins at the top, with Kelly Giles serving as Vice President and Co-Owner.

“Technology offers exciting opportunities for women, who have at times been sidelined in this field,” she said. “We intend to be a leader. Future POS is committed to providing career opportunities and helping our women leaders achieve work-life balance.”

Butler resident Carissa Spencer joined Future POS of Pennsylvania 10 years ago, saying few other businesses gave her a chance. As Support Manager, Spencer has performed more than 100 installations of software at restaurants in Pennsylvania, Ohio and West Virginia.

Carissa Spencer, Future POS Support Manager, has performed more than 100 installations of software at hospitality venues in Pennsylvania, Ohio and West Virginia. “The sense of team here is stronger than anywhere else,” she said.
Carissa Spencer, Future POS Support Manager, has performed more than 100 installations of software at hospitality venues in Pennsylvania, Ohio and West Virginia. “The sense of team here is stronger than anywhere else,” she said.

“When I came out of school, I sent out 100 resumes, but I only got two interviews,” Spencer said. “I’m considered a minority in this field, especially in this area, but I am not treated that way at Future POS. I am definitely grateful for the opportunity that I might not have gotten anywhere else because I am a woman. The sense of team here is stronger than anywhere else. We’re all here for the greater good.”

Recent college graduate Carrie Lawson of Butler joined the company in March as an Accounting Administrator. She handles billing and contributes to customer satisfaction with follow ups.

Lawson said she has known company founders John and Kelly Giles since her youth.

“Since I recently graduated, John asked me to apply at his company when a position opened up in the area of my interest,” she said. “I was flattered when John said he liked my work ethic and felt I was Future POS material. I am truly thankful for the opportunity that John and Kelly have given me.”

Technical Support Specialist Melissa Rudish of Butler joined Future POS in 2009, when there were fewer than 20 employees. “Missy” has helped to increase the number of employees in the corporate office to more than 60 currently. Rudish is an expert installer and helps to assist end users on how to best use their Future POS system.

“Over the years at Future POS, I’ve had the opportunity to work in sales, where I honed my people skills and developed an in-depth knowledge of sales strategies that lead to success not only in the workplace but in my everyday life,” she said.

Rudish said the opportunity to work with the Global Support Staff improved her skill sets involving software and “has given me the ability to work with individuals from all over the globe and offer my expertise to remedy their issues.”

Founded in 1998, Future POS serves more than 18,000 customers in the U.S. and internationally.

Contact: Gordon Ovenshine, Content Specialist, Future POS; Gordon_Ovenshine@futurepos.com