Business Solutions magazine finds VAR star – Future POS of Pennsylvania

BUTLER Pa. – When Business Solutions magazine needed a value-added reseller (VAR) to profile for an article about point-of-sale success, it found one in Future POS of Pennsylvania. And it interviewed the right industry veteran to identify keys to sales growth – Alex Giocondo, chief operations officer at Future POS, Inc.

AlexBusiness Solutions published its four-page profile in June 2017, headlined “3 Lessons Learned from a 10-Year-Old Hospitality VAR.”

Giocondo cited EMV, cloud-based and mobile POS as winning solutions. He referenced the new Version 6 that Future POS, which corporately owns the VAR, developed as a growth engine.

“This new version, which was more than two years in development, has a Web-based back office that allows for cloud-based maintenance and reporting, a built-in drag-and-drop report writer, and the ability to have different graphical themes on the POS,” Giocondo said.

Future POS of Pennsylvania is a 10-year-old VAR. VARs take existing software and resell the technology to end-user restaurants and hospitality vendors.

Giocondo joined the VAR five years ago and has led the organization through a number of transitions resulting in year-to-year growth. Future POS, Inc. of Pennsylvania posted sales of $700,000 in 2016, up 8 percent from 2015, and projects 8 percent sales growth this year.

His sales strategies include:

  • Recognize what’s limiting your scalability
  • Solicit customer feedback on a regular basis
  • Pay attention to the data
  • Get serious about EMV

Giocondo credited customer relations as contributing to Future POS of Pennsylvania’s success. The company’s in-building help desk support team has proven to be the best option for troubleshooting, as opposed to outsourcing service calls.

“We initially attempted to provide an outsourced help desk service, but we found it created almost as many problems as it solved,” he said.

A big growth driver, he told Business Solutions, is EMV-related software and upgrades, and understanding how EMV ties in to other trends such as mobile POS and tableside payment.

“It helped that our POS vendor partner adopted EMV early on,” Giocondo told Business Solutions.

Giocondo said Future POS of Pennsylvania is also exploring ways to reach the new generation.

“They want chat, text and social media options,” he said. “We’re currently looking at adding chat for our  tech support later this year, and we’re looking into launching an email newsletter as another way to show our customers we’re listening, and they can engage with us in whichever manner they prefer.”

John Giles founded Future POS in 1998. His wife Kelly joined as Vice President in 2003. Future POS designs award-winning, state of the art technology for more than 18,000 restaurants worldwide, including 600 local venues.