DBS Helps Moo-Thru Choose Future POS

Future POS Reseller DBS (Delaware Business Systems) recently had an interesting install at a pretty cool place, the Moo-Thru located in Remington, Virginia. The Moo-Thru makes its own real ice cream from real dairy farmers.  They offer fresh hand dipped and soft serve ice cream, soups, sandwiches, milk shakes and more! For full menu click Moothru.com

Moo Thru Logo JPEG

After being unsatisfied with BOTH Micros AND Aloha over the past few seasons, DBS suggested Future POS and worked with Moo Thru to find a solution specific to their needs.

Due to a loyal customer base Moo-Thru can get quite busy, so they were looking to streamline the ordering process. DBS and Moo-Thru determined an obstacle (timing) and a goal (getting the right scoop to the customer).

The key was flow of menu screens and with Future POS’ completely customizable software, DBS was able to program the system exactly how Moo-Thru envisioned. Ordering options are convenient and timely. Now the staff doesn’t get overloaded with cluttered menu screens – saving precious time!

To help keep orders at the drive-thru window more organized, DBS installed a QSR Video Display. The video display has helped make assembling orders faster and more accurate.

Cups of Ice cream

Great job DBS for working with Moo-Thru and showing them that Future POS was their point-of-sale solution. And thank you Moo-Thru for choosing Future POS – wishing you nothing but continued success!


All photos courtesy of Moo-Thru Facebook page.