5 Ways to Make the Most of Your Digital Signage

Whether your establishment is quick serve, formal sit down, a bar, or anything in between, digital signage is a cost-effective way to build up your business’s image – and increase revenue. Here are our five favorite ways to get the most from your screens.

Build Your Brand

Perhaps you sponsor a local athletic team, you’ve made an in-kind contribution to a local charity, or your chef has been featured in the local newspaper. You can use events and news items like these for brand building. With digital signage, you can take advantage of the flexibility of the digital screen by highlighting and sharing all of these good things with your patrons. Make sure to include compelling images – for example, a photo of little league ballplayers and photos from a charity event would be eye-catching.

Engage Your Customers

How many followers do you have on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook? Use engaging content on your signage screens to help drive people to sign up on your social media platforms. Think about it this way – you’ve got a captive, interested audience in your dining room, many with smart phones handy. Your message could be as simple as “Follow us on Twitter to see our daily specials.”

Promotions and Specials

In-store promos are an effective way to drive repeat customer visits. Try promoting your Sunday brunch offerings on Thursday and Friday evenings, or your happy hour specials to the lunch crowd. Or showcase appetizer or drink specials during Happy Hour. You’ll most likely see better ordering and higher tabs as a result.

Don’t Skimp on the Hardware

In the same way you need commercial-grade equipment for restaurant use, you’ll get best results if you invest in commercial-grade screens for your digital signage. Yes, they cost more. But they are engineered to last longer and provide higher-quality resolution than what’s in most homes.

Get It Together

Take the time to  plan what you’ll feature on your highly visible screens. If you’re just getting started, your content might be simple, but it’s worth your time to create a basic outline of what you are going to highlight. We recommend assembling a weekly schedule, running the content you’ve planned, and then evaluating the results to find what had the most impact.


Traditionally, good in-store signage has been called the “Silent Sales Force.” In our era of digital signage, that sales force is still quiet, but the results speak loudly. Take advantage of the flexibility of your digital signage to build your brand, grow sales, and connect with your customers.

For more ideas and the latest trends in digital signage, check out www.digitalsignagetoday.com. You’ll find helpful articles and posts specific to the hospitality industry.