Future POS Develops new Mobile POS app that will be a Game Changer in the POS Industry

Future POS has developed a new Mobile POS app that will be showcased at this year’s RSPA RetailNow. Unlike the other apps out there, this one will run on iOS and Android, as well as Kindle and Windows Phone if those operating systems become popular with POS consumers.

According to Future POS President and CEO, John Giles, “with the mobile operating system war more hotly contested than ever, it seemed foolish for us to bet the future of our company on who we thought the winner would be. So we decided that any app we created had to be 100% cross platform to avoid obsolescence in just a few years. We selected a tool that allowed us to leverage the 16 years of ‘C’ code we’ve developed in the industry standard Future POS Front End. The tool also allows us to write the app once, and compile it for all the platforms. It also means that the code in the app that is calculating sales tax is the exact same code that does it in our battle proven Windows product, so we don’t have to start from square one like the numerous iPad science projects that have come to market in the last few years.”

Giles also predicts that the time and effort spent on the development of this new Mobile POS app will be the most revolutionary event in the POS industry since the Micros® 2700.

The app is running identically on iPods, iPad Mini’s, iPads, Android tablets, and the amazing new line of low priced all-in-one terminals based on Android. One app runs on them all.

With the release of Future POS’s cross platform POS app, there will finally be a legitimate player in the POS app marketplace. Consumers will now have unparalleled functionality from a proven POS software provider. With the addition of the $500 Android AIO’s, smaller merchants will have access to fully functional, reliable POS that they could never afford before now.

Written by Kelly Giles, Vice President in charge of Marketing and Public Relations