Future POS launches new, improved company website

Future POS has unveiled a new company website that gathers all of its products and services into one place, with a modern look, user-friendly flow and information on features that no competitor in the point-of-sale industry offers. See it here at FuturePOS.com.

The company’s first online refresh since 2014 is designed to highlight the scope and value of Future POS’s award-winning software, including its new Version 6, EMV pay-at-table and Cloud Back Office. Our ultra-modern Back Office gives restaurateurs the ability to take control of point of sale from their phones and tablets, without going to the office.

“At Future POS, we are always innovating and improving our core software,” said John Giles, Company President. “This should also be reflected on our website, and keeping it modern, current and relevant is just as important as creating a great product.”

Because many consumers visit the site on mobile phones and tablets, Future POS devised a “mobile-first” platform to convey brand vibrancy from small screens, as well as desktops. Within 30 seconds, a visitor should be able to understand what the company does – and why it succeeds – without having to wade through thickets of slow-to-open graphics.

“Our goal is to provide potential point-of-sale customers with useful information about our product and the industry as a whole so that they will view us as a trusted adviser,” said Kelly Giles, Vice President. “We spent the better part of a year updating our content. We have so many new product offerings that we needed to get the descriptions perfect so that our customers see the benefit of switching to a state-of-the-art Future POS system. We also spent a tremendous amount of time getting the look and feel of the pages just right to appeal to our target audience.”

With mojo and mobile-responsive navigation, Giles said the new site will work to increase the conversation about upcoming product releases.

“The Cloud-Based Enterprise coming fall 2017 will knock the socks off our competition with its powerful tools and analytics that haven’t been seen in any other POS system,” she said. “We have several key new features and product offerings that no one else in the business can compete with because of our investment in state-of-the-art technology. We are proud to be able to show off our latest and greatest achievements on the website.”

The website explains currently available features that distinguish Future POS from the rest of the pack, such as cloud capabilities with function and reliability, customizable Front End, and interfaces for online ordering, accounting, payroll, gift cards, recipes, and scheduling.

“Learn more” sections offer product information on:

  • Cloud Back Office
  • Report Writer
  • System-Wide Search Function
  • Advanced Layout Themes
  • Multi-Column Modifiers
  • Digital Signage
  • Kitchen Video Systems
  • EMV
  • Handhelds and Mobile POS
  • Surveillance and Text Insertion

Future’s marketing team brainstormed for a new look and feel, with content coming from all of the new technology that the development team has been working on all year to bring to market. Future POS partnered with Shift Collaborative in Pittsburgh on the redesign. The Shift Collaborative team, led by principal partner Cynthia Closkey, designed and built the site based on Future POS detailed input.

“We’re excited about this redesign for so many reasons,” Closkey said. “It is more efficient to manage, provides a better experience to the Web visitor and better reflects Future POS’s solution and brand.” Future POS administrators and Shift Collaborative began working on Search Engine Optimization and Keywords two years ago, with the goal to increase traffic.  “The redesign also gives us a chance to rethink our keyword targeting and the overall conversion rate of our website,” said Giles. “The way people search and how they search has changed dramatically over the last few years with the explosion of smartphone devices now in use. Search engines love content and especially new content and we know that a website that is updated regularly is crawled more often.”

According to company Vice President Kelly Giles, “The Web design industry is constantly working to improve itself.  This includes keeping layout designs fresh, updating blogs, refreshing imagery and pushing out timely promotions and advertisements. Even though we outsourced the design to Shift Collaborative, we are able to update the website ourselves. This way we are able to personally modify our content based on our specific goals and at the same time optimize our website.”

She went on to say that Future POS designs the best point of sale system on the market because of its investment in state-of-the-art technology.  “We can offer our customers security, technology and one of a kind features at a very competitive cost. There is a reason we win industry awards year after year…our customers love us.”

Future POS serves more than 18,000 restaurants worldwide and employs more than 60 engineers, sales, marketing and installation staff locally.  John Giles founded the company in 1998, and his wife Kelly Giles joined as Vice President in 2003. Both are Butler natives.