Future POS’s Giles Talks EMV, Tablets, Reseller Relevance

Company President, John Giles recently sat down with Jim Roddy, President of Business Solutions magazine and Integrated Solutions For Retailers magazine, to talk about the future of point-of-sale technologies and retail IT channels.

Jim Roddy, Business Solutions: What innovations are you seeing from solutions providers that help their end-user merchants apply technology to provide a superior customer experience? What technologies and applications have you seen that are most impactful and what things are you seeing that maybe aren’t as impactful as folks had hoped for?

John Giles, Future POS: I’m seeing things like these kiosk terminals when you go to certain chain restaurants where you can self-serve, pay your bill, look at your check, things like that. Your kids can play games on it. But I’m not seeing the adoption that I would have expected, and maybe that’s just because I’m a technophile — I love technology. I think there are just ROIs that have to be met to prove the model, and I don’t think they’ve been met yet.

You can read the full article on Business Solutions’s website, here.

Image Courtesy of RSPA