Future POS Installed in Gordon Ramsay’s Heddon Street Kitchen

Future POS has been installed in restaurants worldwide, but more recently, hopped across the pond, to the Heddon Street Kitchen, Gordon Ramsay’s newest restaurant.

Gordon Ramsay’s newest restaurant, The Heddon Street Kitchen, recently opened its doors for business in London’s Mayfair. The restaurant serves a wide array of diners and palates with entrees and a la carte, as well as a variety of cocktails. The menu features hot and cold starters, delicious mains like baked spinach, ricotta and artichoke cannelloni and roasted wild duck, butternut squash, brussels sprouts, chestnuts, mulled berry sauce, and delectable desserts including chocolate fondant with mint chocolate chip ice cream.

TISSL, of Milton Keynes, completed the installation for the Heddon Street Kitchen, installing five terminals and ten iPad Minis in the establishment. You can catch a glimpse of the Future POS system in the restaurant’s promotional video, and see the restaurant take shape, from start to finish, here.

You can also follow Heddon Street Kitchen on Twitter, or Facebook. You can also learn more about Heddon Street Kitchen, and Ramsay’s other restaurants, as well as make reservations, by visiting the Gordon Ramsay Group homepage.


TISSL is a hospitality solutions provider based in the UK. TISSL’s products can be found in many prominent restaurants including The Wear Inns, The Fat Duck, and Coya, as well as a variety of other specialty venues. For more information about TISSL, visit their website, http://www.tissl.com/. You can also follow TISSL on Twitter or Facebook.

About Future POS

Future POS is a powerful point-of-sale software solution designed for the hospitality industry. In addition to providing advanced back of house functionality, Future POS offers the fastest, most user-friendly front of house in the business. You can follow Future POS on Twitter or Facebook.


Creative Commons image courtesy of Dave Pullig (Flickr)


Written by Teresa Glasgow, Technical Writing Specialist, Future POS, Inc.