The Best Point-of-Sale Solution for your Food Truck

Mobile Device

Save space in your food truck by using one of our mobile devices for your business. Our SkyTab device can be used for orders and payments, eliminating the need for a bulky terminal in your truck.

Long Lasting Battery

Leave the charging dock at home. The long lasting battery of the SkyTab device will last through your serving times.

Live Payments with 3G/4G SIM Card

Keep your customers happy by offering debit and credit payments. The SkyTab device can use a 3G/4G SIM card to validate payments on the spot, eliminating chargebacks and offering payment flexibility for your hungry customers.

Tether to Any Cell Phone for Internet Connectivity

Stay connected anywhere you have access to a mobile signal. The SkyTab device can be tethered to any cell phone to establish an Internet connection, ensuring that you stay online and can take payments no matter where you are.

Line Busting

Cut down on waiting times by using our mobile devices to get the orders in before a customer comes to the window. Your employee can take orders and process payments, leaving you to serve them their order when they get to your window.

Change Menu Items on the Fly

Make adjustments to your menu on the spot. Our software makes it easy for you to change menu items on the fly, so your customers always know what you’re serving.

Inventory Management and Cloud Based Analytics

Stay on top of demand using our inventory management features. Use our cloud based analytics to track best-selling items and prime locations to grow your business. Run reports frequently to make sure you stay on top of your stock.