The Best Point-of-Sale Solution for your Mobile POS

Mobile POS Ordering Device and Pay-at-the-Table Solution

Cut out the need for your servers to stop at a terminal to enter orders and take payments. Use our Mobile POS to let them send orders right from the table to the kitchen. When the meal is over, settle the check without taking the customer’s card to a terminal.

EMV Capabilities with Print Receipt on the Fly

Accept EMV payments right at the table, and print your receipt from the same device in a matter of seconds.

Great Tool for Line Busting

Eliminate the lines for the cashier using our mobile devices. The SkyTab device can take orders and accept payments without the need to queue up your customers by a register.

Great for Restaurants, Pizza Delivery and Food Trucks

Choose a truly mobile solution. Our SkyTab device can connect through your WiFi or using a 3G/4G connection. Take your POS with you, whether it’s to the table, your customer’s front door or on a crowded street corner.

Live Payments with 3G/4G SIM Card

Add a 3G/4G SIM card to your mobile device and take payments anywhere you have a mobile connection. Don’t make your customers pay cash only, take credit and debit payments wherever you go.

Can Be Tethered to Any Cell Phone for Internet Connectivity

Use your cell phone to connect your SkyTab device to the Internet to process payments. If your business doesn’t need a building, neither should your POS system.