The Restaurant Industry Forecast 2015 – It’s Raining Technology

Every year, restaurant industry authorities predict the trends for the coming year. Typically these predictions are centered on food and customer tastes. This year, inarguably, food will take a back seat to experience, as the Millennials and Generation Z become the largest part of the restaurant industry’s target market. Instead of focusing on what’s on the plate, we’ll take a look at the “experience” that brings the food to the table, and how this mobile technology is changing the restaurant industry for the better.

Here’s our restaurant industry forecast.

It all starts when Joe decides to take his girlfriend, Mary, out to dinner. Joe unlocks the screen on his cell phone and swipes until he finds his collection of restaurant apps: Yelp, Where to Eat?, OpenTable, Urban Spoon, and several custom restaurant apps for his favorite, local joints. Joe uses the app to make a 7pm reservation, for a local steakhouse, which is automatically added to his native calendar app.

Joe and Mary arrive at the restaurant shortly before 7, and are greeted at the door by a hostess carrying a tablet. The hostess takes his name, and verifies his reservation from the tablet, allowing Joe and Mary to pass the waiting crowd at the door, and go directly to a table. Shortly thereafter, a waiter arrives at the table, carrying another tablet, which he uses to input Joe and Mary’s order. After dinner, Joe is able to pay the waiter at the table, using the credit card reader attached to the waiter’s tablet. The waiter even prints Joe a receipt, using a portable receipt printer, attached to his belt loop.

Quick service, and a convenient, wait-free checkout add up to a delightful, dining experience. All of this was made possible by cutting-edge restaurant technologies that are becoming the industry norm. Apps, tablet POS systems, online ordering and reservation services – all components of a fantastic dining experience, made possible by the advancement of restaurant technologies in recent years. Restaurants can no longer rely on the pen and paper systems of yesteryear. In fact, this year’s POS Software Trend Report, from Hospitality Technology, cites Mobile Payments and Mobile POS as the top influencers in terms of restaurant POS upgrades, which shows that restaurateurs are keeping their eyes on the POS prize.

Tablet POS is quickly becoming the go-to device in many restaurant settings. Tablets offer servers a fast and easy way to take customer orders in a fraction of the time, without having to return to a stationary terminal between tables. It’s not just tablets, either. Smartphones are also pushing their way to the front of the class. The same systems that are allowing servers to take table-side orders, allow customers to place their to go order from their smartphone, and pick it up curbside, 20 minutes later. It’s this streamlined approach that will bring technology to the forefront of the restaurant industry in the coming years.

Future POS has already released Mobile POS, one of the most competitive tablet POS solutions in the industry, and will continue to perfect it over the course of 2015. Currently, this mobile solution is the only POS solution capable of running on iOS and Android. Based on Future POS’s core product, and over fifteen years of industry experience, Mobile POS will be the restaurant technology of 2015, changing the face of the restaurant industry.

What changes will 2015 hold for your restaurant? Our recommendation,

it’s raining technology. Put your umbrella away, and go dance in the technology rainstorm.



Adapted Creative Commons image courtesy of markus spiske (Flickr)

Written by Teresa Glasgow, Technical Writing Specialist, Future POS, Inc.