Shell Shack Goes Mobile

Dallas Hale, co-owner of The Shell Shack Restaurant has a history – a long, wonderful, mutually beneficial relationship with Future POS. “I’ve used Future POS for over 19 years in my restaurants” says Hale. “I’ve seen the software grow.”  Most recently, Hale and his business partner Matt Saba purchased Future POS for their newest Shell Shack location in Texas. The Shell Shack is a family friendly restaurant specializing in crab, shrimp and all things shell fish. Hale went on to say “What I like about Future POS is its long tenured. It’s ease of the system, ease of reports; it’s a one stop shop. The staff likes it. It’s real easy to learn.”

4 Shell Shakes

Currently, Future POS is the premier point of sale provider for all four Texas locations including: Arlington, Mesquite, Plano and Uptown Dallas with plans to franchise in more locations. Future POS of Dallas, the local reseller who installed the Future POS system and provides local support is looking forward to growing with the restaurant as they continue to branch out.  According to Danny Vaughn, General Manager of Future POS Texas, “The Shell Shack is run by true professionals and serves some of the best seafood in Texas. I have enjoyed working with Dallas and Matt for almost 20 years.”

In the last year, The Shell Shack reached out to Future POS Texas to see what they could do to cut down on order time and mistakes.  With that goal in mind, the service team recommended Mobile Handheld devices that allow the wait staff to take orders right at the table. The employees have found that they are able to take orders faster because they can do so right from the table instead of entering them from a wait station. This has helped improve the customer experience and now all four locations have 20 handheld terminals available for their staff to use.

Shell Shack mobile

This level of service and innovation paired with The Shell Shacks fantastic food means a great time out for their patrons. But don’t take our word for it – take a look at all the great reviews!