Should Your Restaurant Go Mobile?

Last week we looked at the many ways technology effects your restaurant and began analyzing ways to harness technology’s powers to build your business. This week we’ll discuss adding a mobile ordering aspect to your business. We’ll show you how going mobile can increase your sales and alleviate the stress of phone orders for your already busy servers.

In this technology age, customers want service, and faster than ever. What better way to provide this than to implement a mobile ordering system for your restaurant? Allowing your customers to order via a user interface has been shown to increase the total dollar amount and volume of the orders your restaurant takes in. Many customers appreciate the ability to enter their own order, which ultimately leads to less order errors and less waste in your kitchen.

In purchasing a mobile solution, consider ease-of-use. Not only should the setup process for your solution be fairly seamless, but once completed, customers should be able to easily access and use the app. The app’s level of intuitiveness is also key to building customer loyalty. Does the app lead the user through the ordering process, or leaving them floundering for what comes next?

Many third party apps and sites cannot seamlessly interface with existing point-of-sale systems. Selecting an integrated mobile ordering solution saves your staff time and you money. Not only can your customers place their order directly from their cell phones, but your staff doesn’t need to do any additional work – like taking phone orders and entering them in the point-of-sale system manually. With integrated solutions like Future POS Mobile Ordering, the orders are processed via the point-of-sale system and are automatically printed to the kitchen once they have been completed by the customer. Not only does the customer do the majority of the work, but the system integrates your mobile orders into your report totals, listing not only the mobile ordering amounts, but factoring them into the daily, weekly, or monthly totals, as desired. Selecting a third party app will more than likely add additional steps during the reporting phase of the process, forcing you to combine multiple reports to get your totals for both in-house and mobile sales.

Just a few of Future POS's customer Mobile Apps, available for iOS and Android
Just a few of Future POS’s custom Mobile Apps, available for iOS and Android

Choosing a solution that will be the best fit for your business is key to successfully implementing a mobile ordering solution. Research the solutions available and consider their included features and the overall cost effectiveness of these features. Know your business needs when researching. What do you want your solution to be able to accomplish? Create your own guidelines before purchasing and make sure that these guidelines can be met by the solution you ultimately select and implement.


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Written by Teresa Glasgow, Technical Writing Specialist, Future POS, Inc.