Too Small For Big Data Theft? Think Again

Protect Your Customers and Your Business from Next-Generation Hackers

Here at Future POS we try to not take ourselves too seriously. What we do take seriously is the security of our customers’ data. And we want you to know that the increasing prevalence of small-business data theft is a very serious business.

Many smaller establishments figure that their relatively small size protects them. Not true. Data thieves are not only targeting the Targets and other big retail players, but they’ve added to their criminal lists small businesses of all types – restaurants and bars included.

We’ve recently put out a video that explains this latest threat to your customers – and your business. The video also shows how Future POS safeguards you from these cybercriminals with a Point to Point Encryption solution.

For additional important background, you will also want to read Future POS CEO John Giles’s interview in Business Solutions magazine, which includes a terrific, detailed discussion of data encryption strategies and tactics.

Don’t skimp on your point-of-sale security. The risk is just too high. 

If you have questions about your POS system and its security, please get in touch. We take your questions seriously, too.