Top Restaurants and Celebrity Chefs from around the Globe choose Future POS

When British point-of-sale insider Kevin Coetzee talks about Butler’s Future POS catering to the noteworthy restaurants and celebrity chefs in England, he has a point.

The who’s who of food, including television’s “Hell’s Kitchen” chef Gordon Ramsay, uses Future POS and its award-winning, state-of-the art technology.
Coetzee, managing director of reseller TISSL Unlimited outside London, said Future POS stands out for its “stable and rich functionality.” TISSL is approaching 1,000 point-of-sale installs in Britain, accounting for the bulk of Future POS’s international customers.

“Future POS underpins every aspect of a successful restaurant, allowing them to provide the culinary experience without the worry of what’s going on in the IT engine room,” Coetzee said. “At TISSL, we understand that our customers need a quick, efficient and reliable POS solution that is easy to use but powerful enough to provide business intelligence from all the data collected.

“TISSL is very successful in the United Kingdom by providing an enhanced Future POS solution that is backed with outstanding support during those unsociable hours when restaurants are open,” Coetzee said.

Future POS’s star-power British customers include:

Gordon Ramsey, Heston Blumenthal, Jason Atherton

England is making Future POS its own because of the features none of our competitors can match, such as customizable screens, tableside EMV and gift card, scheduling and payroll interfaces.

“Future POS values its relationship with Kevin and his staff at TISSL,” said Steve Pritchard, President of Future POS Ohio and Future POS of Texas, as well as Vice President of Sales at Future POS Inc, who works with 12 overseas resellers. “They have done a remarkable job in the U.K. and beyond because they are able to show its customers value in what they are buying, and by providing top-notch service and support. Future POS has a product that can fit the needs of restaurant owners everywhere.”

Future POS, founded by President John Giles in 1998, serves more than 18,000 restaurants, including 600 in western Pennsylvania. Its software increases customer satisfaction at restaurants in Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Australia and Canada.

Dubai, the United Arab Emirates’ largest city, has Future POS installed at more than 100 restaurants. Four chains, Tablez Food Company, Hot Brands, Nandos and Food Quest also chose Future POS as their premier point of sale partner.

“The best thing about the software is it is very simple and easy to install and configure, even though it’s rich in functionality,” said Fayas Sainudeen, who is a Future POS reseller in Dubai and a co-owner of Triumph Technologies FZ LLC. “Future POS always leads with the latest technologies in the POS market. Another beauty is that the support is incredible.”

With Future POS installed at a restaurant, Sainudeen said supervisors and managers have more time for serving and interacting with customers. “The very flexible and customizable floor plan layout gives the proper customer and table status, which gives a good table turn around,” Sainudeen said. “Future POS automatic end-of-day process and auto report functionality helps restaurant staff finish their shifts and jobs without spending extra time in the back office.”

In South Africa, the new weapon against customer dissatisfaction is 200 POS installs, in Cape Town and around the country. The restaurants include Spur Family Steak House Group, Col Cacchio Pizza, Panarotti’s Pizza, Rocomamas Burgers, Captain Dorego’s Take Away and Classic India.

“Our customers love the stability of the software above everything else,” said Nic Fielers, director of Reseller Division HRK Africa. “The solution just runs, no down time. Customer Loyalty is also a fairly new concept in South Africa, so it is good to have a product with a jump start on the industry.”

Fielers said the reseller initially approached Future POS five years ago after finding it on the Internet.

“Here in Africa, inventory control is extremely important, which is why we developed the Stock Manager module which other resellers can purchase via the Future website,” Fielers said. “It integrates seamlessly with Future POS and adds a huge amount of reporting, as well as Recipe, ingredient tracking and stock control functionality.”

“We installed a pizza restaurant a little while back, with a bunch of handheld tablets,” Fielers said. “When we visited them after a few weeks of trade, the handheld’s were all piled up on the counter. Turns out the solution were so efficient in getting the orders through, that they had to upgrade their kitchen and staff before turning them on again to keep up.”

In Canada, the Eggs Oasis chain and many other prominent restaurants rely on Future POS to help them run their businesses.

“What stands out with Future POS is the ease of use,” said Ed Grbac, co-owner of reseller Condor Solutions. “Operators are always commenting on how easy it is to learn and use.”

So whether its a neighbor to the north or a partner across the world, Future POS has found success by providing a software that is user-friendly, reliable and provides top notch service.